Unhappy at work

Time to be PROACTIVE about career change

If you are unhappy at work, (or thinking about returning to work after a break), it is easy to drift along until forced into action by a crisis. As it can take about twelve months to make a career change, it is important to start the process long before you reach breaking point. Knowing that you have an escape route planned often makes an unsatisfactory work situation more bearable!

Unhappy at Work? Time for a Career Review

Dreading the thought of the next 20 /30 years in work?  Want to do something different but don’t know what?

Then it’s time for a career review

Whether we like it or not, our working life is getting longer!

5 Factors to THINK about when Changing Career

Now that we are all back at work and the seasonal festivities are fading into the background, it is time to take stock and plan ahead for the rest of 2014, particularly if you are unhappy with your work role, either wanting to get into work, or looking for a career change.

It is still possible to get/change jobs, even in the current economic climate, but it is not easy and will take time and effort on your part, so it is really important to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Unhappy at Work? Six Steps to Create CHANGE

Background Research:

Over half of Britain’s employees are unhappy at work, with over a third of them seriously considering leaving their jobs” according to Mercer’s “What’s Working TM”  research amongst 2,400 UK workers in over 1,000 private sector organisations – part of a global survey of nearly 30,000 employees in 17 countries.

Levels of personal satisfaction are declining is commitment to the employer   “Many ……feeling vulnerable and generally unhappy with their lot.”

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