Unhappy at Work? Time for a Career Review

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Dreading the thought of the next 20 /30 years in work?  Want to do something different but don’t know what?

Then it’s time for a career review

Whether we like it or not, our working life is getting longer!

Pension/retirement age is rising due to our increasing longevity, the economic climate and significant demographic changes.  We will need to remain in the workforce longer, as numbers of young people entering the labour market will not be sufficient to fill available vacancies (Parliamentary Post Note:An Ageing Workforce 2011)

“In 2014, for the first time, the number of the number of Britons who are 40 or over will outnumber those who are 39 or younger. Of today’s population of 64 million, more than 32 million are over 40 – and that number is set to grow” ( Enders Analysis and YouGov  for Immediate Media Research:  Radio Times 12/04/14) 

Career Review?

If you are unhappy at work, or are concerned about the direction in which your career is heading (or not heading), it’s time to act!  As the economic climate improves, changing job/career path becomes more viable. It’s still not going to be easy, so it’s important to ensure you are heading in the right direction and that all your efforts will be worthwhile. A review provides the opportunity to take a step back and to explore the many issues relating to job satisfaction, general wellbeing, and future career plans etc. etc.  The Careers Guidance process can also help you with Labour Market Intelligence, education/training opportunities and other related issues such as funding, prior to the development of a realistic Action Plan to enable you to reach your new career goals.

What does a Review cover?

Recognition of motivators and drivers

Exploration skills and abilities,

Values and beliefs.

Identification of Personality Style 

Establishment of goals and a development plan to create the desired

Work life Balance

Is it worthwhile?

Evidence showing the value of career review was presented at the excellent  NIACE Mid Life Career Review Conference presenting the findings from their  pilot programme exploring the value of Mid Life Career Review

“Managing an extended working life is vital for the success of individuals and their employers. An extended working life might include paid and unpaid work and flexible working, to take account of other demands on individuals and their personal aspirations………If people are helped to stay longer in paid work there are economic gains not only for them, but also for employers and the state”.

“Clients valued being able to talk to someone, reflect on their situation, review their options, and plan ahead. Access to support helped boost their confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Fifteen of the 17 pilots reported increased client confidence and motivation”

What next?

If you would like to find out more, checkout further pages on  the Work & Beyond website, particularlyto find out how we work   and contact us  if you would like to make an appointment or to discuss further.