New Job Seeker

It has been a while.

The current economic climate has resulted in many people having to find paid work for the first time in many years. This could be due to financial need, the ending of caring responsibilities, bereavement, divorce, changes in the benefit system etc.

How do I find the right job for me?Question mark in the centre of 8 direction arrows

If you are in this position it is often difficult to know where to start, how to look for jobs... and even more important what sort of job to aim for and what you can offer an employer. You will probably find friends and relatives offering suggestions, advice and telling you what you would be good at! Although this can be helpful as they know you well and have your best interests at heart, their information and  advice will be based on their own limited  experiences and may be outdated (or even worse)... wrong!. You really need impartial and confidential advice and guidance from a professional adviser helping you make the right decision based on accurate and current information on the current labour market and related opportunities.

Transferable Skills - How do I find them?Cross stick with the words abilities and knowledge accross skills

Often people tell me they have nothing to offer as "they have only been caring" for a family member and have never worked... how wrong this is! They will have gained experience using a wide range of transferable skills (required in all job roles) and occupational skills (seen in specific work roles) such as communication, organization, time management, catering, personal care to name but a few! Another returner told me she had done "nothing" for the past 20 years other than bringing up her children. On further exploration it appeared that she had a natural empathy with young people and several of her children’s friends moved in with her on a long term basis after experiencing issues within their own families. She was also involved with many school activities. We looked at her interests and skills... she eventually found part time work in a support role in a school. We can do the same for you when you contact us.

It is important for all job seekers to be aware of their skills but it is even more crucial for returners to the labour market. We can identify your skills through discussion or practical exercises. This can be coupled with exploration of your personality style, which will defiantly boost your confidence, and help identify work goals as well as providing information for prospective employers. Skills can also be identified from your leisure or other interests.  All this information is then presented in your CV to highlight the positive nature of your life experiences to prospective employers and will increase your confidence in your abilities.

 Remember, you are not alone. Friendly, professional, impartial and confidential help is at hand from Work & Beyond.