Invest in yourself with the right CV

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I’ve never had a CV before I need one now? Keyboard with CV tucked under

An up to date and professional CV is essential if you are looking for work.  It is your sales brochure and is used to attract prospective employers and also provides reference material for interviews, applications etc. Therefore it must be accurate and well presented.

Pick your style!Blue and yellow background with the heading Curriculum Vitae written in different styles with a question mark.

I’ve heard about different styles... which should I choose?


The most common style, and easiest to produce, is where you  list your work history in chronological order, starting from the most recent and working backwards. This style is fine if you have a solid work history and are looking for a similar job in the future.

Skill Based CV

If you have had a range of jobs (or little work experience), are returning to work after a break, or looking at using your skills to do something different you need a CV Pyramid with words Job, Skills ,attitude and experience( from top downwards)that that emphasizes your skills and experience rather than your job roles. This style takes more time to produce but is often more effective. You know you have the skills for the job but the prospective employer can’t be expiated to recognize this unless you show them!

Are Templates a good idea?

There are lots of templates on the Internet... should I use one?
Templates make it easier for you to build your own CV but this will be obvious to an employer and will make it difficult for you to stand out from the crowd. Aldditionally  they  impose a format on you and the information you provide! A CV is not an application form... so you can choose what to include... if you left school many years ago with few qualifications, there is no need to mention this. However, you may have lots of in service training to include instead.

Do I need a profile/summary at the beginning?Curriculum Vitae with Professional  Profile Heading

A prospective employer may only spend 30 seconds on each CV... so you need to make an instant impression via the profile. This is, actually, the hardest part of the CV to write, so although it is placed prominently at the front, it is often easier to compose, once you have done the rest of the CV. It should summarizer your CV and draw attention to what makes you special... rather than just listing a string of superlatives that anyone could take from the dictionary!

What about layout?

Space is at a premium, as you only have 2 sides of A4 with which to impress... and you can’t cheat by using a small font as the information needs to be clear and easy to read, so it is important to select only positive information, not to repeat yourself and to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and typos.

For more information and help with your CV contact Work & Beyond and see how we can help you.