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  • Look through the website and see if any of the issues outlined apply to you                                                                                       Red telephone box
  • If you think we can help give us a call (if there is no one available leave a message and we will call you back at a convenient time) or get in touch via the link on the site and Adrienne will call you 
  • This conversation gives us a chance to discuss your situation and find out how we can help
  • To proceed, we make an appointment at our Cheadle premises for a review of your situation and an initial diagnostic session 
  • This session will be booked for a half day (either morning or afternoon) and depending on your requirements, may be all that is needed
  • If required we can look at identifying further sessions to suit your needs


Chalk boards with a question mark in the middle surrounded by others  saying who, what , why , where , when All discussions are based on impartial advice and guidance

All information taken is confidential and in accordance with the terms of Data Protection Legislation

Check out our Policies and Procedures and the Career Development Institute Code of Ethics